Title First Author Title of Journal Year Volume Number Page
Relationship among land surface temperature and LUCC, NDVI in typical karst area Deng, Yuanhong 2018 8
Hydrogeochemistry and delta C-13(DIC) and delta O-18(H2O) composition of three Chinese Tibetan Plateau lakes Wang, Xiaodan 2018 54 1 89-105
Minireview: Advances in Germanium Isotope Analysis by Multiple Collector-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Meng, Yu-Miao 2018 51 5 627-647
Soil bacterial community mediates the effect of plant material on methanogenic decomposition of soil organic matter Yuan, Quan 2018 116 99-109
K-feldspar composition as an exploration tool for pegmatite-type rare metal deposits in Altay, NW China Tang, Yong 2018 185 130-138
Pressure-induced irreversible metallization accompanying the phase transitions in Sb2S3 Dai, Lidong 2018 97 2
Bioremoval of arsenic and antimony from wastewater by a mixed culture of sulfate-reducing bacteria using lactate and ethanol as carbon sources Liu, Fengjuan 2018 126 152-159
In situ Pb and bulk Sr isotope analysis of the Yinchanggou Pb-Zn deposit in Sichuan Province (SW China): Constraints on the origin and evolution of hydrothermal fluids Tan, Shu-Cheng 2017 91 432-443
Sedimentary records of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in China: A comparison to the worldwide Guo, J 2017 47 17 1612-1667
Electrical conductivity of mudstone (before and after dehydration at high P-T) and a test of high conductivity layers in the crust Sun, Wenqing 2017 102 2 2450-2456
The high-pressure elastic properties of celestine and the high-pressure behavior of barite-type sulphates Kuang, Yunqian 2017 46 6 481-495
In-situ analysis of major and trace elements in fluid inclusion and quartz: LA-ICP-MS method and applications to ore deposits Lan TingGuang 2017 33 10
Geochemical characteristics of heavy metal contamination induced by a sudden wastewater discharge from a smelter Yuan, Yongqiang 2017 176 33-41
Characteristics of soil water movement in a grass slope in a karst peak-cluster region, China Liu, Wei 2017 31 6 1331-1348
Pressure-induced permanent metallization with reversible structural transition in molybdenum disulfide Zhuang, YuKai 2017 110 12
Anomalous phase transition of Bi- doped Zn2GeO4 investigated by electrical conductivity and Raman spectroscopy under high pressure Wu, Lei 2017 121 12
Effect of sodium chloride on the electrochemical corrosion of Inconel 625 at high temperature and pressure Wang, Luying 2017 703 523-529
Source appointment of nitrogen in PM2.5 based on bulk delta N-15 signatures and a Bayesian isotope mixing model Wang, Yan-Li 2017 69
An Electrochemical Study of Pyrite Oxidation in 0.1 M Sulfuric Acid at High Temperature and High Pressure Lin, Sen 2017 12 3 1774-1784
Metal Exposure and Associated Health Risk to Human Beings by Street Dust in a Heavily Industrialized City of Hunan Province, Central China Sun, Guangyi 2017 14 3